Sumi Ink, Water Color, Gold Pigment, Acrylic, Pencil Paper

Deities At Sundown is a surreal illustration series that explores the collective black experience from the perspective of conquered Gods.

Large stoic black bodies become the centerpiece in the moment of being invaded by smaller creatures that attempt to claim the big black body as their own land. These are reimagined lynchings.

They represent the notion that – for a period in time – serial killers were allowed to procreate and gain authority through transactional performative empathy. In most pieces, the special focus of showing elements such as hands represents the beauty of our contributions. Faceless elements emerging from off-page are the unnamed graves that never got credit for that which they created.

They are the fallen. The result of these visual patterns are layers leading to a larger discussion surrounding historical conquest, access to resources, religious narcissism, and the performance of comfort during our collective experiences.

April 6, 2018